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Here are links to sites you might find interesting and useful.

Categories on this page:

  • Birding
  • Bird Info
  • Specific Birds
  • Wildlife Rescue
  • Nature

Links to organizations and activities in which you can participate.


Links to information about birds in general.


Links to sites that focus on particular species.


Links to sites concerned with wildlife.

In this section:

  1. Rescue Guidelines – “What should I do?”
    • “Think Twice Before Rescuing Young Wildlife” has information about baby birds, deer (fawns), foxes, rabbits, squirrels.
    • Found a banded bird? Report a bird with a federal band or auxillary marker to the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory.
    • Got bees? What to do when bees‌/‌hornets‌/‌wasps are a problem.
  2. Find Wildlife Rehabilitators for Orphaned or Injured Wildlife
    • Columbia, MD — All Creatures Great and Small
    • Woodstock, MD (near Ellicott City) — Frisky’s
    • Search by Maryland county for a rehabilitator
  3. Report Wildlife Problems: Nuisance, Injured or Sick Wildlife
    • Howard County Animal Control
    • Wildlife Problems in Maryland
    • Got bees? What to do when bees‌/‌hornets‌/‌wasps are a problem.


Links to sites about nature in general.